We introduce and position your brand on a global scale.

We implement activities and communication- and PR tactics within 8 weeks.
You can be part of the strategic design process and select just one country, a group of countries or a specific region.

Global Brandshare™ is our product specialized in the introduction and positioning of brands on global scale.
It includes a specialized service package consisting of personal assistance and access to the ongoing monitoring to evaluate the performance of each activity.

Global Brandshare™ includes a wide range of services provided by a team highly qualified and professional in the introduction and positioning of brands on a global scale.
It includes the following services:

  • Communication and PR
  • Competitive analysis
  • Media planning / Media buying
  • Inbound marketing: content production and distribution in multiple languages
  • Development of creative thinking
  • Social network management
  • Translation services in 8 languages
  • “Fam trips” and “press trips”
  • Printing and distributing brochures and collateral materials
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Virtual office and recruitment service
  • Content localization and creative pieces
  • Development and organisation of events and press conferences

Ask for personalized assistance


Personal assistance
An account manager will be assigned to you and is available 24/7 in your preferred language.
This account manager will have experience in the region of the world that you have selected for the development and positioning of your brand.

Custom designed strategies
A multidisciplinary team will design in a strategic and particular way the implementation- and positioning plan for your brand.

Budget control
Our program includes the development of specific activities within a fixed period of between 4 to 12 weeks at a fixed rate.

Choose between a wide variety of activities and tactics that works best for your brand. Select just one country, a group of countries or a specific region in the world. 

Competitive pricing
Latin America Key™ is offered in 3 types of packages: Express, Standard and Enterprise.
With monthly fees starting at US$1,699,-