A novel solution for developing experiential resorts.

Frontier™ provides one-stop asset and property value enhancement solutions: turnkey design, infrastructure development, operational and distribution management for those who seek to take advantage of the fast growth of the market demand for experiential travel.

We offer a holistic approach developing innovative light-on-earth solutions within 9 months.

Frontier™ creates tailored hospitality concepts and one-of-a-kind travel experiences which highlights the unique, cultural and natural aspects of Latin America’s most exceptional destinations.

Experiential travelers are looking to dive deeper into the authenticity, the local culture and to connect with persons from other cultures in a way which will enrich their lives and create lifelong memories.

Core values

  • Implementing sustainable business practices
  • Integrating projects into their natural surroundings
  • Supporting local communities and local businesses
  • Embracing new cultures

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Frontier™ draws upon its unmatched experiences in developing hospitality-related products and an extensive range of advisory services across all stages of the value chain.
Our expertise ranges from sales and marketing strategies to experiential programming design.
Our team will work closely with the resort owner/operator to generate exposure among the target market and trade outlets (tour operators, booking platforms etc.). In addition, we will craft the experience to create a wow-factor for the high-end travelers.

The development of an infrastructure based on the concept of ‘light-on-earth’ resorts allows investors and operators to achieve higher margins, lower costs, minimal environmental impact and shorter development times compared to traditional approaches.

Our methods have the advantage of being able to be implemented in remote (even off-grid) areas where traditional brick and mortar constructions may not be permitted or feasible.

We can also adapt the project according to the particular demands or desired assistance of each of our clients, including facilitating the provision of certain services.

For land owners

For landowners

Frontier™ by Berry Whale consists of an innovative business model, offering landowners who have access to non-revenue generating land, the opportunity to add unique outdoor recreational spaces, camping lodges, glamping lodges and other alternative light-on-earth resort solutions.

The asset value enhancement solution business model includes:

  • Directly addressing and capitalizing the rapidly growing ‘experiential’ and adventure travel market segments.
  • Monetization of unproductive, excess land and increasing land value.
  • Increase customer flows/revenues from additional experiential activities.
  • Creating economies of scale by leveraging existing infrastructure and branding.
  • Ability to meet unmet demand in the high season.
  • Product/amenity diversification, market diversification and enhanced positioning.
  • Low turnkey development cost
  • Short development time: less than 9 months
  • The product is technically dismountable, often resulting in easier approvals and allowing changes in the future.

Package services

Frontier™ by Berry Whale includes deep knowledge of resort financing, design, development, marketing and management.