Discover the first visual search platform for destinations

Nov 26, 2015



Chute is the first solution that provides end to end, to search for ideas, insights, inspirations, copyright management and publication by seeking images and videos in real time.
Chute is the leader industry in UGC (User-Generated Content) ; thus allowing to expedite the capacity of your brand to listen, respond to customers and create inspirations photos and videos to your audience – in real time, every day through multiple channels.
The platform allows you to quickly identify the best content, influencers, and popular subject for your brand. The visual search engine identifies perfect photos and videos to your marketing needs by filtering through keyword or scan images of logos, objects and scenes.
Get the perfect inspiration to improve and create new content. Stay on top of the popular online trends and issues to better understand your audience.
Chute offers the right tools to take action against any situation reputation online conversations about your brand in social networking tools.
For brands associated with tourism it offers the possibility of including, in the mainstream of your communication, share content from travelers. Complement as brand, image bank, with those photos taken by real travelers to forward travel experience.
Increase engagement and performance of your marketing efforts, from ads to your brand website.
These actions help maintain a link with users who are on the platform.

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