Medium: a new alternative for travel bloggers to get discovered

Mar 24, 2014


Medium is a new content publishing platform conceived to share a series of stories centered around words known for its centeredness on simplicity and minimalism.
Founded in 2012 by Twitter’s co-founder Evan Williams, the site is still in beta phase and users may join invitation only.
Medium is for those passionate about words and literature and the general reading public.

Its main objective is to create, collaborate and share articles. Users may highlight and recommend content found on the platform.
The site possesses three characteristics that makes it stand out from the rest of the blogging services:

  • The written word, the content itself is the core the platform thrives on. Lacking many profile personalization options, its editor provides solely basic traditional styles and formats. This goes for image editing, as well.
  • Medium allows the collaboration between several users for the drafting of articles or the exchange of ideas.
  • Its target audience is perhaps one of the most attractive characteristics and better positions it against its competitors. Medium work with you and shares contents across a relational cross-referencing system, thus increasing its visibility and improving its positioning.

Medium uses simple algorithms, such as seeking out the number of recommendations and users that read a particular content, placing relevant articles in bloggers’ profile followed by articles organized in chronological order and segmented according to genre.
This strategy has allowed the platform to become an ideal website for the creation of creative content in an environment that fosters good ideas.

As for travel bloggers, the aforementioned characteristics are idyllic for becoming well-known on an international scale thanks to the ease of publishing content in different languages for myriad audiences while using the same distribution mechanism.
“It’s a new place on the Internet where people share ideas and stories that are not limited by 140 characters and can be shared with those outside one’s circle of friends”, says Twitter and Blogger founder Evan Williams.

In order to access this platform, one must have a Twitter account to identify oneself and proceed to create a vanity URL.