Is brand strategy, destination representation, international travel marketing, PR and digital media for world class destinations.

With years of experience, we have a unique network with offices in the main regions of the world. Our expertise lies with emerging destinations and helping them position themselves in the mature source markets of the Americas, Asia and Europe.

We work with a multitude of different companies, agencies and partners all around the world. Using the extensive relationships we have with industry experts, Global Destinations™ creates sustainable, creative and economical solutions to market your destination within the market of Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Mission statement

Global Destinations™ stands for an integrated and creative approach for destination marketing. By providing the highest level of service and commitment to our clients in the travel & tourism industry, Global Destinations™ mission is to deliver consistent, results-based marketing and positioning representations.


Global Destinations™ started as a cooperation between different tourism marketing agencies around the world.
With our shared knowledge and experiences we strongly believe in teaming up with our clients, and with our passionate crew we are able to offer you services of outstanding quality. Global Destinations™ was created to help clients translate strategic marketing plans into effective result driven, creative and hands-on activity plans in order to increase business from the markets of Asia, Europe and the Americas.

The way we work

We are fully committed to offering the best services and the highest results.
We provide creative services in the areas of sales, marketing, public relations and positioning for the travel industry. Our broad range of expertise and experiences have proven to be highly successful.

You as our client are our main priority, and everything we do, we do with you and your wishes in mind. Global Destinations™ executes all activities as agreed upon and reports back on a regular basis.
Global Destinations™ is your reliable partner for one time projects, but also for ongoing project with no clear end point. In cooperation with our clients we set up a detail activity plan, based on a jointly determined strategy.


Due to our many years of experience in different markets around the world, we are able to offer services of the highest quality.
Advantages of contracting Global Destinations™ include:

Affordable. Our product includes the execution of specific activities within a fixed period at a fixed and affordable and competitive rates.
Personal assistance. Every client will have their own account manager, who will be available to you for everything you need.
Tailored solutions. You are the boss, and as long as you are happy we are happy. You can choose between a wide variety of activities and tactics, and select the countries or regions you want to focus on.
Reliable. Global Destinations™ mission is to deliver consistent, result-based marketing and sales representation, at the most affordable price possible.

Ask for personalized assistance


We offer a complete range of integrated marketing services Global Destinations™ including: