About Berry Whale

Berry Whale’s mission is to provide the travel and tourism industry specialized, world-class marketing, communications and technology development services. Our business goal is to become the leading regional marketing agency serving the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

We are a tourism marketing agency specialized in the implementation of technological, marketing, communications and PR processes for the tourism industry in Latin America.

We are characterized as being a passionate, highly-engaged and motivated team.
Every member of our team shares our core values: honesty, loyalty and integrity.  These guiding principles are what makes our organization stand out from the rest.


Develop and implement optimum quality creative solutions on all types of communication, advertising and distribution platforms; enable tourism companies and brands to tap into their full potential in the positioning, promotion, commercialization and distribution of their products and services.


To become the leading regional marketing agency specialized in the tourism industry.


  • Analysis-based decisions
  • Creative judgment
  • Development of human potential
  • Teamwork
  • Enthusiasm and passion
  • Continuous improvement

Memberships and awards