World-class tourism brand positioning, professional representation and public relations management services for destinations

We put a unique network of highly-qualified professionals and representative office infrastructure in all major regions in the world at your fingertip. 

Our core expertise lies in emerging global destinations which we collaborate to position in the major European, Asian and American continents.

We work as a team with a select network of agencies and professional partners throughout the world. Based on our relationship with industry experts, Global Destinations™ creates sustainable, creative and affordable solutions for the commercialization of your destination in the main consumer markets.


Global Destinations™ presents a comprehensive and creative approach for your marketing, communication and public relations strategies for destinations. We provide the highest level of service and commitment in the travel and tourism industry. Global Destinations’™ mission is to provide results-based professional representation and tourism destination brand positioning services.


Global Destinations™ started out as an exercise in cooperation between different tourism marketing agencies located around the world. Sharing knowledge and experiences, we strongly believe in building solid partnerships between our clients and dedicated team of passionate professionals to deliver a unique, exceptional quality product. Global Destinations™ was developed to help emerging destinations convert their strategic marketing plans into a set of tactical actions aimed at generating an impact and results on the basis of a correct execution and  the development of a creative  strategy in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

How we get it done

We are fully committed to offering our customers the best service and the best possible results with every transaction.
We have it covered when it comes to tweaking creativity into sales, marketing, public relations services and positioning a tourism brand. Our broad range of expertise and experience have proven to perform very well in our effort to position over a dozen of emerging destinations.

Our clients are our top priority, therefore our driving force is the fulfillment of their goals and objectives. We strive to execute all scheduled actions and periodically provide reports of our achieved results and presenting an analysis of areas of opportunities and improvement.
Global Destinations™ is your reliable partner for special and ongoing projects. We establish a detailed activities plan based on a joint strategy in a cooperative manner.


Years of proven experience working  in the principal markets around the world puts us in a position to offer services of the highest quality.
The main advantages of using Global Destinations™ include:

Affordable prices. Our product includes the execution of specific activities within a determined time frame at a fixed and very competitive rate.
Personal assistance. Every client will have its own account manager, who will be available to assist with your every need.
Customized solutions. You can choose between a wide variety of activities and tactics, and select the countries or regions you want to focus on.
Reliable execution. Global Destinations’™ mission consists in delivering commercial representation services consistent with your tourism positioning strategy based on results and the most competitive price in the industry.

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