Factors’s analysis affecting SEO – Part I

Jan 19, 2016


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In the previous article we mentioned a SEO study conducted by Searchmetrics. In this study, 53 factors affecting SEO, they grouped into 6 different categories, and they analyzed it. We evaluated the 3 first category .

In the “technical factors”  category, they  evaluated different points, and  we present what we consider relevant:

  • Metadescription: an increasing number of web use them and this not only helps search engines, but also improve the user experience.
  • Keywords:  they’ve lost strength. Last year it has fallen the number of top sites that have keywords in the domain, rather the focus should be oriented in terms of searches.
  • HTTP : is the first time this facto appears, and  is even more relevant to e-commerce portals or sites of sensitive information, since it promotes safety and confidence.
  • Archive Size: the size of the sites has increased.  A good examples:  the average size of the top 10 website is 25,171 bytes and the top 30 is less, 21,964 bytes. So the charging rate of top 10 is greater.
  • Flash: less and less using  of flash on websites.
  • Site speed: the first positions show a faster charge. This aspect and integrates the technical factor also affects the user experience.

One of the category that you should pay attention is the “user experience” because Google considers not only an  important element; also affects the time our potential customers interact in our portal.

We list them below what we consider relevant:

  • Number of multimedia elements: the number of images is growing, increasing the time and experience in our user. Most of the top websiete are integrating videos from Youtube, improving positioning, while increasing user time on the site and allow them to replicate this content into social networks.
  • Responsiv design:  this aspect is priority; analyzing the user experience, they spend more time connected in different devices .
  • Font size: the top websites use uniform font size. Is recommended a large font in the smaller devices .
  • Interactive Elements: These elements help the content structure of the website, in a logical way.

In conjunction with the above category, the  “user signals” has some of the aspects that influence the valuation of Google, such as the CTR, which shows the percentage of clicks are performed in a result search between the times that result is displayed, depending on their position.
Is considering the  user’s time and the bounce rate on the site, as measurements of these factors , shows if the user found the information and whether it met their expectations.
Google can measure these reactions very efficiently, because it has the data extracted from their browser  Chrome , which covers over 60% of the market share, and this use is increasing.

Definitely, it is important to recognize the points on which our website is deficient in relation to the above factors.
Enhance and incorporate them,  make a big difference in the positioning of our website; allowing our potential customers quickly find us .

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