Factors’s analysis affecting SEO – Part II

Jan 19, 2016



In the previous article we discussed the factors that are relevant to understand three of the categories Searchmetrics analyzed, in its annual SEO  study.
This time, we will share some highlights of the remaining categories.

One of the critical points in SEO is the content; content is still the king. It requires content with value and relevance to the user. What takes less relevant are the keywords in the domain, as it is now understood that the search phrases to search, expose a better results.
The extent of  the content has increased, the number of words in the landing pages in the top 30 was 902, compared with 1,140. Unbundled keywords associated with the topic is included; alike maintain intern links  in the websites studied. On the other hand, 53% of the top 10 website contain keywords in the meta description; a real and optimized description is valuable with relevant content.
The simplicity of reading influences the readability,  the complexity of a text will be according to the audience. Will be more complex a technical article than a beginners tutorial.

Another of the categories studied, are the factors corresponding to social signals; the best positioned portals have more social signals. A high number of social signals shows that the portal are regularly adding new content, which is positive. Equally significantly help the leading traffic, brand recognition and how the site behaves. The shares, likes, retweet, plus 1, are present in the top-ranked websites; it is no coincidence that has a correlation between the amount of relevant and frequently updated content.

In another hand, it is considered the ability to maintain the navigability and user experience intact from any screen because in this study has the mobile factors. It is clear that responsive design positively affects the positioning.

Finally, the last category is presented concerning the “backlinks“. The value of the number of backlinks to achieve good positions remains high. The average amount of backlinks in the top 10 was 4,248, while for the Top 30, 2,503. The amount of external and internal links to websites analyzed are important as well.

In conclusion, there is no magic formula to indicate what should be implemented and the  priority should be given to each factor in our portals; but without any doubt, it is of great importance to be consider it, as this will allow us to be present when our potential customers search for us.


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