App-friendly tourists

Jul 11, 2014


Developing an official mobile application designed to promote tourist destinations is now possible with a cutting-edge solution provided by Zanduli.
It allows a Destination Management Company (DMC) to cost-effectively provide greater visibility and aggregate value to tourism destinations, distinguishing themselves from the rest.
The app enables destinations to engage with new audiences and build a stronger relationship with its current customer base throughout their stay in an era where the use of Smartphones with data connections is widespread. On a global scale the penetration of mobile devices surpasses three billion units in use.
86% of users in developed markets with access to these types of phones connect daily to the Internet on these devices.

As a destination manager or destination management organization it is inconceivable to overlook these statistics.
Mobile applications must go hand in hand with any marketing strategy in order to make it more whole.
As a matter of fact, there are many reasons for incorporating a mobile strategy when it comes to promoting a tourist destination.
This must be complemented with a website that has been optimized for this type of device.

The platform plays a decisive role throughout the tourism consumer journey (search, decision-making, planning and reservation), while it helps to streamline sale funnel processes, thus contributing to enhancing a visitor’s experience during their stay.
A destination marketing app allows a destination to increase the number of visitors and boost the average tourist spend by promoting special offers, events and attractions.
Its implementation also means destinations may provide their visitors a destination guide quite literally in the palm of their hands, readily accessible in the Play Store and the App Store.
Tourists will always have an updated travel guide, armed with an event calendar and broad excursion offering.
Visitors may view maps listing a destination’s attractions without the need of incurring roaming charges or hunting down a wifi hotspot. In fact, directions and routes may be consulted in real-time even when a user is offline.

An additional source of income
An optional features provides the possibility of generating additional revenue. Earn commission for every restaurant or hotel advertised in the application, or when a user uses it to place a reservation.
Conversely, leading tourism industry stakeholders for a specific destination may purchase advertisement on this medium.

Obtain a better market segmentation and understanding of the target audience with the suite’s comprehensive analytics tools, which obtains a reading of ratings and comments made by visitors.

Main characteristics
– Available for iPhone, iPad and Android OS
– Won’t use up a user’s data plan
– Push Messaging
– Multi-lingual
– Competitive pricing
– Google Analytics integration

Learn more about Zanduli by requesting a demo.
If your job is to generate content about a destination, generate word of mouth in social media or promote to potential visitors, sooner or later you’ll have to invest in a mobile solution.


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