Berry Whale celebrated 10 years old and we present a new identity

Sep 27, 2016


Since 2005 we are providing value to more than a hundred brands, companies, individuals and governments in more than a dozen countries.
This year, as part of our anniversary celebration, we have transformed our brand, offering a new identity that represent the our organization pillars : creativity, innovation, adaptability and environment understanding.

The logo concept is a reference how whales play and have fun in the seas and oceans; movement, different color schemes and waves that transform the space.

The brand has been conceived under a  democratic identity system; integrating a wide range of logos associated with the initial idea. All different, representing diversity, unity in diversity.

The implementation process of the new identity will be gradual and will cover all Berry Whale subsidiaries, products and services.

We are very proud of the final result and the work done by a professionals team of  Brandinc, one of the leading organizations specializing in brand value creation processes in the region.
We thanks all suppliers, employees and customers who have been part of  Berry Whale history all these wonderful years.

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