Berry Whale expands to Mexico

Dec 30, 2013


Berry Whale, the leading tourism marketing agency in Latin America has transcended its regional reach and opened a subsidiary in Mexico as part of its continued expansion to new markets.

Profiling itself as a genuine driving force for economic and social development, the tourism industry has received strong support for its inclusion within the Mexican Government’s strategic agenda.

The long-growth outlook remains positive for the next five years, and the national tourism industry represents around 9% of the country’s GDP.

The influx of international tourists totaled 19.2 million for the first ten months of 2013, an increase of 1.9% over the 18.9 million visitors for the same period in the previous year.

Conversely, Mexico has achieved a prominent position in two of the main global tourist emission markets: the United States and Canada.

The Visit Mexico country brand initiative is taking good form and improving the country’s image overseas by narrowing the gap between perception and reality on three fundamental issues: tourism and culture, finance and investment, and sustainability.

“We project that Mexico will be among Mexico the five tourist destinations receiving a greater amount of international tourists for the year 2018 . However, the efforts to achieve the overall promotion and competitiveness of Mexico and its varying destinations’ value proposition at the global level in order to addresses tremendous areas of opportunities that ought to be exploited given the country’s need to reinforce the levels of competitiveness previously lost from the international tourism scene.”, said Victor Pizarro, Berry Whale’s CEO. “This suggests that our decision to come to Mexico was taken at the right time, and under favorable conditions for the faithful execution of our objective.”,  he added during a press conference held for different specialized media outlets in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

“This new office affirms Berry Whale’s commitment providing cutting edge world-class marketing, publicity, communications and public relations services to this important Latin American market.”

Berry Whale is a multinational organization specializing in tourism marketing, has a broad portfolio of services and since its founding in 2005 has served more than a hundred public and private organizations worldwide. Its diverse portfolio of services includes country brands, destinations, micro-destinations, hotel chains and tourism brands in general.

Headquartered in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and operations in Canada, Argentina, Brazil and Panama.

The office in Mexico is rooted in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco and expansion plan includes nationwide involving the opening of operations in Mexico City and Baja California.

Berry Whale participates or operates other companies involved in areas such as specialized media in the travel industry, media buying, public relations, development of software applications and Internet.

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