Bogota’s new city brand image

Nov 5, 2013


Thanks to the collaboration between Alcaldía Mayor de Bogotá, Instituto Distrital de Turismo de la Ciudad de Bogotá, Camará de Comercio de Bogotá and Invest in Bogotá, the city of Bogotá has developed a new city brand, renewing its image.

Colombia’s capital city first developed its city brand in 2010 with a clear objective: the city wishes to be recognized as an idyllic business and cultural tourism destination. The word Bogotá is characterized as the main element of the brand.

In the past, the city’s slogan was “Bogotá is More”, borrowing on the country’s four core strengths: culture, sports, business and nature.
Its city brand has been revamped in order to concentrate on Bogota’s most prominent feature, the altitude of the city.
As the highest city in South America, its located on a plateau high above 2,640 meters above the ocean.

Advertised under the slogan “A high altitude city”, it plays on the letter “A” to elevate the city of Bogotá as an iconic symbol of the mountains. The “tilde” (`) is emblematic of the destination’s myriad attractions.

The main element of this new city brand is conveyed through its creativity with the addition of the “`” symbol over the letter
“A” used to promote its attributes, with the possibility of adding symbols relating to fashion, culture, education, tourism, technology and the environment.

The same is made known as a city that lives up to the big cities, promoting as a global capital that offers the quality and the demands from that market.

This approach is also a play on words, making the city of Bogotá comparable to other high-end destinations. It seeks to become a global capital offering the quality and competing demands brought on by the most stringent markets.

The goal of this positioning strategy is to allow the city of Bogotá to compete with the greatest metropolitan cities of the world.
German-based consulting firm Inpolis was instrumental during the strategic planning process.

To learn more about Bogota’s new image, watch the video below or visit their official website:

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