launches officially

Mar 5, 2013


When the Caribbean comes to mind, we conjure up images of beautiful white sand beaches, the sun and relaxation.   However, the Caribbean offers us a carnival of culture, customs and history.

Berry Whale is pleased the new website,, shows us a different way to know the islands surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, and how we could travel and stay there for an unforgettable vacation.


Here you will see 33 islands along with a description of each. In each destination, you will find maps, restaurant, activities and video culture, showing and enhancing the values of each place.

Where to Stay

In this section you will find a wide range of hotels to the desired style. If you just want to sleep and have breakfast there is a list with the name of the hotel, which houses and pictures, so that you achieve what you need specifically choose.

Caribbean Journal

Here briefs observe each Caribbean island about food, drink, places of importance, and experiences told by people who have already enjoyed this experience.


You will see more than 100 different hotels special organized by islands. It is the most fabulous because there are low rates and deals from 10% to 65%. is one of the most complete web pages with all the information needed to plan a wonderful holiday in one of the best places that God created, The Caribbean.

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