¿How to develop a good digital positioning ?

Mar 23, 2016


The idea of ​​positioning is developed as a strategy with which suppliers of products and services are supported to reach their target audience.

To develop a good  digital positioning, either supported by  online and offline media channels and tools , you must perform the following steps, or at least keep them as a base action line:

  1. Properly define the needs that the brand aims to satisfy your target
    It should take the attributes that certainly meets the brand; whether tangible or intangible attributes. Offer the user your brand value will be the starting point to the correct positioning strategy execution.
  2. Define segments to which you want to direct the “targeting”
    The efforts we make will be in vain if we don’t define the right target. Define your audience, not only the basics to segment as the demographic profile, also have in mind aspects of lifestyles, tastes, consume content; It is a vital part. The user today is hyper inform, has its own voice, produces and consumes content; so it is our duty to define rightly to be where our users are.
  3. Establish the brand attributes that are essential to meet the needs defined according the targeting
    The qualities we want our brand position must be consistent to seek our audience.
  4. Competition’ positioning strategy analysis 
    Have on hand the actions your direct and indirect competition perform , in order to measure what works or does not work. It allows us to visualize the next steps and to advance certain activities.
  5. Determining the desired position
    You must define what kind of strategy you can use, verify the follow list,  in order to position yourself:
    – Based on an attribute
    – Based on the benefits
    – Based on the use or application of the product: it highlights the purpose of a product
    – Based on the user: it is focused on a particular user profile
    – Based on lifestyles
    – Faced with competition
  6. Define, develop and implement marketing mix actions to help achieve the defined positioning
    Being assertive in which channels, tools and what we communicate are key to a good position. Select the media mix  where our target is continuous interaction.

These are roughly the steps that you must cover in order to achieve our brand positioning . The idea is to have at least this list as a starting point . Finally, the digital positioning is a dynamic process , not static in any way, we can measure what works and what does not , adjust some actions ; the important thing is to be clear about who our target, to communicate to position and finally that actions and our target channels interact

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