The most important SEO factors for Google

Jan 13, 2016


seo-web-One of the most relevant studies regarding SEO  is from searchmetrics , an entrepreneurial organization dedicated to providing SEO and marketing content analysis, recommendations, forecasts and reports for companies that want their potential customers can find them faster.

This time, we share the most important SEO factors to Google in the US. They’ ve analyzed, compared and issued conclusions by the conduct of the best positioned websites.
Thanks to careful study of thousands websites, they can estract the valuation models by Google.
From year of  Google algorithms comparisons , which change from year to year, the result in expose  factors that are gaining strength and which are maintained or are becoming less important in order to improve the SEO positioning in a search.

Examples of patterns inferred, it was determined that if, for example, the extension of the average content of the websites analyzed is 2,300 words in 2015, compared to 1,900 words course in 2014, can be derived that Google is rewarding the most extensive content this year. This allows us to glimpse the number of tasks that we must  do to improve this factor in our website.

The study analyzes 53 factors affecting SEO, grouped into 6 different categories:

1- Technical: concerning on-page factors from a technical perspective, such as the structure of the page, is not taken into account the contents.
2- User experience: aspects of design, usability, time spent on page and bounce rate.
3 – Content: this factor looks at the importance of content value, quality and relevant to user searches.
4- Social Signals: the correlation between social media and the website of the study is studied.
5- Factors “mobile”: aspects that influence the better usability and structuring multi screens.
6- Backlinks and inbound links:  the importance of backlinks for Google.

In future post we will be breaking down the critical points for each category to obtain the findings generated by each factor, and implement these best practices in our website.

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