Experiential resorts development: Frontier™ by Berry Whale

Dec 4, 2015


One of the fastest growing segments in the industry are the experiential travel in pristine and full of unique cultural glimpses environments.
We have designed a service in order to  facilitate the  experiential resorts development in the most exceptional destinations in Latin America.

Frontier™ provides asset value enhancement solutions and one-stop, turn-key design, development and operations expertise to land owners and operators looking to tap into the rapidly growing demand for experiential travel.

Creates tailored hospitality concepts and one-of-a-kind travel experiences that highlight the unique, cultural and natural attributes of the Latin America’s most exceptional destinations.

Frontier™ by Berry Whale include deep knowledge of resort financing, design, development, marketing and management.

Adding value to the land owner
Frontier™ by Berry Whale innovative business model provides existing land owners, who have excess, non-revenue generating land, the ability to add unique outdoor recreational spaces, camping lodge, glampling lodge and other alternative light-on-earth resort solutions.

Concepts and value-added services allow its investment partners and clients to achieve higher margins, lower costs, lighter environmental impacts and quicker development times than traditional approaches to resort development.

We can assist owners and/or developers of greenfield projects to quickly and efficiently develop stand–alone operations using a variety of low impact and lower cost alternative building methods.

Offering to travel real experiences
Experiential travellers want to dive deeper into authentic, local, culture, connecting with people from other cultures in ways that enrich their lives and create lasting memories.

These methods have the added advantage that they can be applied in remote (even off-grid) locations where traditional brick and mortar construction may not be permitted or feasible.

We invite you to dive into this innovative concept , which allows landowners to establish a low cost, a concept of infrastructure in a short time, allowing to generate additional income.

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