Discover Lola Travel: combines artificial intelligence with the travel professionals experience

Oct 2, 2018


The name Lola  is an abbreviation for LOngitude and LAtitude, a system created to facilitate maritime navigation, and with that same spirit, Lola allows its users to have access to a superior and totally personalized travel experience; combines artificial intelligence with the expertise of travel agent professionals.

Directed by Kayak, co-founder, Paul English; Is the next generation of travel and hotel booking applications.
This startup is intended to give travel agencies technological superpowers and a flow of travelers; based on the immediatism that technology allows.
It also offers the user a personalized travel service on demand. Simply send your preferred travel plans, that is, where you want to travel and what to visit; the Lola application instantly connects a battalion of travel agents, who will respond in real time with flight suggestions, hotels, car rental companies and more.

It also provides help while you are on your trip. Will you like to make reservations in an Italian restaurant on your business trip? No problem, Lola’s team will be available to assist you and recommend the best in the area.

Lola’s services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lola is free, although some travel agent fees may apply for certain types of services.

Lola App

The Lola Premier version is partnering with select companies, institutions and organizations to provide travel services to executives and members of such organizations.

Currently requires iPhone 5 or newer with iOS 9 and only available in the US. You can find out more details and download it here.

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