Ecuador unveils its “The Banana Ambassador” tourism promotional campaign

Nov 29, 2013


The Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism has launched a new, clever tourism promotion campaign for its Ecuador brand. We are talking about its “The Banana Ambassador” campaign, which turns the spotlight on this fruit as the official ambassador of this tourist destination.

Ecuador is one of the major exporters of bananas in the world, exporting 24 million tons each year. For this reason alone, its Ministry of Tourism, through an agreement with the country’s agricultural and trade sectors, has agreed to label every banana it exports with a self-adhesive label with the trademark, along with an invitation to visit the country and a QR code.

Not only is every consumer invited to visit Ecuador, but they may also scan the QR code to access the destination’s official tourism promotion website in order to unleash its 4 “worlds”: Coastlines, Galapagos, the Amazon rain forest and Andes Mountain range.

This action is an integral part of Ecuador’s tourism positioning strategy expounded by the nation’s Tourism Minister, Vinicio Alvarado Espine, presented during the 2013 World Travel Market celebrated in London.
Said strategy is structured upon five fundamental pillars: safety, quality, connectivity, destinations, excellence and promotion.

Learn more about “The Banana Ambassador” initiative by taking a look at the video below:

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