Try Hotel Ads and increase your bookings right now

Dec 9, 2015


Hotel Ads, from Google, helps you drive traffic and bookings to your site by putting your ad front and center when travelers are ready to make the decision to book.
In order to make your ad appealing, you can display your available rates to your hotel listings, and you can display features and amenities like free Wi-Fi and breakfast, or highlight unique offerings like wine tasting events and loyalty program incentives. This will help you to engage the audience.
One of the values of this service, is that you can track and optimize the conversion. In order to ensure you the best use of your budget, google allows you to measure the effectiveness of your ads down to the property and across devices.
Since this is a google service, you can reach travelers across all their platforms and other products.. Live in over 100 countries, Hotel Ads appear across Google, wherever users are shopping for hotels – Search, Maps, Hotel Finder, and Google+.

Want to participate in Hotel Ads? It’s easy. Connect with an authorized partner who will guide you through the integration process here.

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