How to increase bookings of your rental properties

Feb 5, 2014


This useful tool streamlines management and channel distribution processes. InstaChannels enables property managers to list their inventory across different sites and global distribution networks in a flexible manner. For example, it is possible to modify rental conditions, rates and availability dates between different channels or platforms that list their properties.
Key data for each property (availability dates, pictures and rates) can be synchronized in real time, permitting users to define specific goals for each channel and  manage online reservations.

Another of the application’s features worth noting is InstaSites, a practical tool that simplifies the process of creating a web site so property owners can have a presence on the Internet.
In a very simple and straightforward manner, without incurring any additional fees or requiring any technical skills, users have a powerful marketing platform that they can manage from their smartphones directly integrated into popular social networks and SEO-friendly.

InstaManager is currently collaborating and seeking new associations with market leaders, developing novel and significant added value for services rendered.

It recently signed a strategic agreement with, the global leader for the online booking industry.
This alliance with was finalized during the celebration of the 2013 Vacation Rental Manager’s Association European Seminar, held on December 9, 2013 in Brussels (Belgium).

Online vacation property bookings exceeded US$ 100 million in 2013, and it is estimated to double that amount for the current calendar year.
Undoubtedly, these figures invite us to pay more attention to this business segment and to remain vigilant about the evolution of the industry in  the coming months.

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