In-flight communication and entertainment

Dec 10, 2013


Restriction on the in-flight use of electronic devices is about to be lifted. Flyers’ needs to be constantly connected has led authorities to revisit their ban.
Despite the availability of similar services while the plane airborne, not many passengers use their electronic devices during flight.
This is a result of the lack of promotion and the high costs associated with roaming charges (which vary between US$ 3 – US$ 4 per minute). However, we expect prices to be reduced significantly once the easing on current restrictions are in force.
Currently, up to 19 airlines in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America allow their passengers to talk on their mobile phone and send text messages and/or e-email during flight

The included airlines are:
Airline Flights Calls Text messages E-mail
1. Aer Lingus Long haul X X
2. Aeroflot A320, A330, B777 X X X
3. Air Asia Short haul X X X
4. Air France Long haul B77-300 X X
5. Azerbaijan Airlines A320 X X X
6. British Airways A318 X X X
7. EgyptAir A330 X X X
8. Emirates Long and short haul flights to/from Dubai X X X
9. Etihad Long haul X X X
10. KLM B777-300 X X
11. Libyan Airlines A320, A330 X X X
12. Malaysia Airlines 777 X X X
13. Oman Air A330 X X X
14. Philippine Airlines A330, B777 X X X
15. Qatar Airways A320, B787 X X X
16. Royal Jordanian A320 X X X
17. SAS B737-883 X X X
18. Saudi Arabian Airlines A330, B777 X X X
19. Singapore Airlines A340, A380, B777 X X
20. TAM A320 X X X
21. TAP Portugal A319s X X X
22. Transaero B747s, B777s X X X
23. Virgin Atlantic A330-300, B747-400 X X X

Sources: OnAir, AeroMobile and Skift

The Federal Aviation Administration is studying the possibility of permitting the service on North American airlines after having had determined electronic devices do not cause any interference with the plane’s navigational equipment nor pose a security risk once a plane reaches an altitude of 10,000 feet.

on varias las empresas que ofrecen servicios de provisión de data “in-flight” entre ellos podemos mencionar: OnAirAeroMobile  y GogoAir.

Many companies are currently offer in-flight data service. OnAir, AeroMobile and GogoAir have been thee early adopters.

Ian Dawkins, OnAir‘s CEO (a provider of GSM and in-flight wifi established in 2007) stated that the average in-flight voice call lasts under two minutes, and are conducted by flyers who need to stay in touch with their families and co-workers.

This new range of services provided during flight is a clear demonstration that travelers’ habits are changing due to needs created by an increased dependency on electronic devices, thus contributing to a change in behavior when traveling.

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