Latin America begins to preparing to receive Chinese tourists

Apr 29, 2017


China, whose growth engine has remained close to 8 percent a year for decades, is also the number one tourist issuer since 2011.
In 2016 about 131 million Chinese made tourism in the world. At a growth rate of 20% annually, it is expected that between 2017 and 2020, about 1 billion tourists traveling outside of China.

These travelers demand more and more services, more transport, more hotels and more gastronomy, generating new challenges for the whole tourism industry chain that wants to capture part of this group of Chinese citizens, that eager to live new experiences outside their country.

In Latin America, tourism figures from China are still showing meager indicators, but substantial increases in Chinese tourists are expected in destinations such as Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Argentina.

Within this challenging framework and where everything is have to be done, Chinese Friendly International, the world’s leading organization in awarding the main certification in tourism quality labels specialized in China’s emitting tourism market; have selected Berry Whale as its strategic partner in Latin America in order to guide and facilitate the implementation of quality processes tending to offer a high level quality in the experience of the Chinese tourist in the region.

Recently, both organizations signed a joint venture agreement to carry out joint actions to facilitate the increase of Chinese tourism origin in the main destinations of the region.

Both organizations will work as exclusive strategic allies to promote the certification processes related to the Chinese Tourist Quality Seal of  Chinese Friendly and QSC Program del China Outbound Tourism Quality Service Certification  in cities, Hotels, airlines, airports, tourist attractions and other companies that make up the value chain of the tourism industry.

The agreement of the companies was signed by Victor Pizarro, representing Berry Whale, and by Dr. Kurt Grötsch, on behalf of Chinese Friendly International, an organization with experience in designing and implementing an integrated certification system that facilitates tourism destinations, institutions and companies to help achieve a high level of experience for Chinese tourists.
For Berry Whale is a very important step towards consolidating its regional leadership and continuing to develop its services and products portfolio.
The agreement includes the development of a platform that facilitates the knowledge about the services offered by Chinese Friendly in Latin America. Among these initiatives is the workshops and training events and professional development and the development of the 1st Latin American Congress of Chinese Tourism to be held in the second half of 2017 in a capital city of the region.

About Chinese Friendly International
It is an advanced services company mainly aimed at adapting the tourist offer of the tourist destinations with the preference of the Chinese origin tourist.
Chinese Friendly International provides a very unique communication system, due to its complexity and scope, between the country of origin, the Asian giant and the tourist destination, bringing professionals, companies, institutions and other entities in contact to guide them in common sense .

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About Berry Whale
Berry Whale is a multinational organization dedicated to provide marketing, communication and public relations services to the tourism and hospitality industry.
It has a wide products and services portfolio and since its foundation, in 2006 it has served more than one hundred public and private organizations worldwide, in its portfolio are counted brands of countries, destinations, hotel chains, Airlines and other organizations of worldwide relevance.

With headquarters in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and operations in Canada, Argentina and Mexico.
Berry Whale participates and operates with other companies in sectors such as specialized information media in the tourist industry, advertising contracting, media and the development of application and software.

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