Luxury Society projects the luxury goods industry and connects executives

Feb 21, 2014


Luxury industry experts forecast 2014 to be the year of the consolidation of many trends. Brands in this category need greater visibility, and their executives need to keep well-informed about market behavior in order to make informed decisions.

Luxury Society is a platform that was created in 2008 to serve as a liaison between luxury industry professionals, while at the same time intended to act as a forum for discussion, sharing ideas and doing business.
It is presently viewed as one of the most influential communities worldwide concerning the sector.

Headquartered in Paris, and with thousand of members in over 150 countries, this web service informs and brings together luxury industry executives, managers, journalists, consultants and analysts from across a wide range of sectors, such as art, fashion, jewelry, watch-making, beauty, travel and luxury hotels, yachts and boats, private jets, cars, private banking, properties and personalized services.

It is vital for brands to have a presence on the portal. Why? Because it is possible to consolidate the positioning of the image of every brand with its presence in an exclusive scenario.
Furthermore,  it allows them to discover novel ideas and gauge their competition in a matter of seconds.

Users have access to the most up-to-date news related to brands like Mercedes Benz, Audi, Rolex, Goyard and Tom Ford, among others, which are shared on its blog. The site also delivers related content, such as interviews with industry leaders and articles written by trade specialists.

Its creators assure that Luxury Society has become “a forum for the debate and exchange of ideas” where its members strive to introduce new concepts, inspire collaboration and develop unique business ventures.

There are two ways of joining the network, by invitation (via an existing member) or by paying a one-time enrollment fee. “Only professionals with a proven track record in the luxury industry may join.”, its executives state.

Suscribers to this service receive substantial benefits, such as access to real-time industry news and analysis, access to a database which includes the contact information of 10,000 decision makers, a global directory of 15,000 companies and an international trade event calendar. Individual and corporate memberships are available.

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