Mercadexpo: the most anxiously awaited Marketing fair

Nov 15, 2013


Mercadexpo, the Dominican Republic’s traditional Marketing Congress debuts this year with a renovated format.

An annual event sponsored by the Universidad Iberoamericana for professionals in the field, offering seminars, workshops and conferences given by international experts.

The event will be held simultaneously from 20 to 22 November in both the Santo Domingo and Cap Cana  campus of this prestigious university.

Since 1991, UNIBE has conducted this recognized annual conference where market trends are discussed and analyzed with the purpose of challenging its last year students to demonstrate their ability to apply their acquired knowledge.
A large number of Dominican and multinational companies operating in the country take part in this event to exhibit their products and services, as well as their most innovative marketing practices.

Blended marketing will be this year’s theme. This technique combines online marketing strategies with more traditional offline marketing practices.
By implementing this technique, businesses can take advantage of the tools available to reach a greater amount of recipients in order to achieve the greatest impact.

The following lectures will be presented by renowned international panelists:

  • Transmedia on marketing: the best story will triumph
    Lecturer: Santiago Pulecio (Colombia)
  • Branding strategy: how to use the traditional model to effectively communicate and promote a brand?
    Lecturer: Alexandre Iglesias (Spain)
  • Value of social media: how to get the most out of it
    Lecturer: Ricardo Guerrero (USA) 
  • Gamification: a new trend
    Lecturer: Ricardo Jiménez (Colombia)
  • Open innovation:  collaborative strategies for product branding
    Lecturer: José Luis Pastor (Spain) 
  • Brand experience: markets that create conversations, brands that make history}
    Lecturer: José Luis Pastor (Spain) 
About the expositors:
Santiago Pulecio, Chief Creative Officer at Pulecio DSC and Knock Out
He has managed the following brands: BMW, Bayer, Colgate, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi, Honda and Pepsi.
Alexandre Iglesias, Marketing Support at Caser Seguros
He specializes in marketing and corporate communications.
Ricardo Guerrero, Founder & CEO at Stwittergy
Created and developed Dell‘s Twitter strategy, grossing US$ 6.5 million in its first two years.
Ricardo Jimenez, Co-founder & CEO at Mapache Studios
Develops games for mobile platforms
José Luis Pastor, Speaker & Strategy and Marketing Advisor
He has worked for many brands, such as: Adidas, Orange, Mercadona, Baxter, TEDx and Sprinter.
The congress also has other interesting talks in store, dictated by local experts in their respective fields.
Another complementary activity is Unibe Idol, an open competition that focuses on the talent of the university’s students and is produced weeks before. Auditions are held, and the winner is chosen among the finalists on the last day of Mercadexpo.

Don’t miss out on this educational experience. You can also participate through their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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