New travel agency sells flights using chatbots

Dec 13, 2018


Applications like WhatsApp or Telegram can serve not only to stay in touch with our family and friends, but also to streamline hotel and flight reservations. These changes are visible in the tourism industry, with new user-friendly applications.

A new travel agency has come to market with the modality of flights sales through WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and Telegram. This is the first Spanish travel sales chatbots.
A chatbots is a computer program that imitates the conversation with a human through instant messaging systems, but in addition these systems allow to perform several functions and guide users to make purchases without leaving the application.

The new travel agency  Corre y Vuela  (Run and flight) uses one of these chatbots and is the first company in Spanish that is dedicated to the flights sales only through WhatsApp. To get tickets, users must add the company contact they can find on the corporate page, and then initiate a conversation in the instant messaging application of their choice, sending a Hello. From there the system will return the chat responses and guide the user to buy the flight you want .

The use of chatbots is gaining adherents in a wide variety of industries. Especially in tourism, where the trend is to buy everything through the smartphone.

In the case of hotels, these chats allow for quicker customer service and help the user in their purchase decision.
Some hotel guests are showing enthusiasm for these systems. Customers like these applications for several reasons. On the one hand, because they avoid having to call reception, because using the mobile device send a chat message and receive information instantly. But also because it allows them to easily access details of the confirmation of your reservation.
Among the kind of suggestions they would like to receive through this medium, they emphasize those of accommodations and destinations.

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