Commercialize tickets for activities, events, conferences and tourist attractions in your destination

Dec 10, 2015


If you need to commercialize  digital tickets for activities, events, conferences and tourist attractions in your destination, you should know  Bandwango.

Bandwango’s cloud-based software empowers destination marketing organizations, of any size, to create and manage digital visitor passes.

Tehir simple platform enables a DMO to create an unlimited number of destination passes which increase visitation and revenue.

Seamlessly create and manage customized digital destination passes to provide travelers with streamlined access to in-destination attractions, conventions and special events.

Combine targeted spending incentives and packages with destination passes to drive deeper exposure to in-destination attractions and businesses.

For users
The  connected user is rapidly transforming the travel industry.
These consumers have more travel and spend more money on travel. They have something else in common, too, all are very committed to their mobile devices. They expect brands to be with them on all channels, especially in mobile.

Our flexible and secure framework allows travelers to browse, purchase, redeem, and share visitor passes on their mobile device. Or, if preferred, use their desktop computer to manage their purchases and/or create print-and-present vouchers

For those who manage
The app allows management to use email or SMS to deliver transactional correspondence, receipts, notifications and specific offers to support and enhance the customer experience and increasing revenues per visitor.

The platform is transparent and supports transactional capabilities without compromising the integrity of your brand.
The app show  sales details, also provides behavior customers information and performance trends to support decision-making

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