Pana: the app for a generation that doesn’t require traditional travel agents

Mar 30, 2016


pana printscreenIIIPlanning a trip is the beginning of a travel experience that can make us better as individuals , but the process requires hard work . Despite having advances in the technology solutions to coordinate the details of each trip, sometimes it would be nice to have someone to do everything.
Pana, is one of the new travel -oriented applications, just for that.

Pana is a new concierge  app, that handles the most tedious steps in planning a vacations : buying flights , hotel reservations , arrange transportation  and restaurant booking , among other options.

The key of Pana is to use what they call “a combination of live travel experts and technology ” to allow users to access information regarding accommodation, transport , activities at the destination, etc.

Spend less time looking at Google and more time sightseeing ; It is powerful.

However , Pana may not be a great choice for those who travel in low cost or doesn’t travel frequently ;  since is a paid application  and can be expensive. This year, they will be presenting a free version for those frequent and low cost travelers.

Finally, if you are one of those who takes a plane more than 3 times a year , we recommend Pana, the best option in the market to plan your trip without borrow your time.

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