Enhances the users experience on your website with SumoMe

Feb 4, 2016




SumoMe  is a platform that offers several interesting tools to increase user’s interaction on your site. It provides the ability to share images from your post, creating popups and forms, and more.
At first viewed their options do not seem to agree among themselves, but as a whole  are extremely useful to interact with readers; improving the site usability in which the SumoMe plugin is implemented.

One of the most used by this plugin options is the power to increase the subscribers list  and get more leads in a simple way. We can support our manager e-mail marketing to synchronize this plugin; thus the new records are automatically included in the mailing list you’ve set.

Another benefit that has, is the “list builder” for creating a simple and configurable popups for new readers registration ; where you can change from color to the frequency of occurrence. These popups can be placed in different areas of our website, creating less intrusive options.
Equally it offers the “welcome mat” which allows us to offer the reader a kind of landing page to access our blog with two options, subscribe or to access the contents.
It also has the ability to create “bar to share” in the various social networks, offering all compositions imaginable. Through the “image shares ”, you can share on social networks an entire entry or choose the media element we want it to appear.

These are one of the many tools offered this interesting platform; but it does not stop there; It offers other options for analytical, heat maps and integration of the content of our website in social networks.
Installation is just like any other WordPress plugin, so do not wait, improved traffic and interaction of your users with SumoMe.

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