Promote tourism products and destinations with Wikiloc

Feb 5, 2014


Wikiloc is a platform for discovering and sharing the best outdoor trails for hiking, cycling and many other outdoor activities.
A community of more than 914,217 active members that share the spirit of independence and adventure worldwide.

Active sport enthusiasts may use their iOS and Android-enabled handheld devices  to share their love of outdoor and adventure tourism activities. Users may upload their unique geo-localized routes and trails, while at the time being inspired by other users’ treks.

Currently, a user has the ability of sharing well over 60 different types of activities, translated into 22 languages. Wikiloc is a high-traffic website, receiving 170,000,000 page views and 2,500,000 visits a month.
With a presence in 193 countries, the portal hosts 1,200,000 routes from across the world.

Given its global reach, the site should be included as part of a company’s positioning or advertising strategy. It has become the ideal platform for organizations seeking to make themselves known to a specific audience with the possibility of promoting products, services or events being offered within a concrete region, or promote special tourist destinations to segmented audiences.

65% of its traffic is generated from Spain, while the remaining 35% originates from the rest of the world.

The average user is between 30 and 55 years old, of which 70% are men and 30% women with a medium-high purchasing power.

Recently, the ad network Addoor signed an agreement to reach‘s 680,000 registered users.

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