Investment Readiness: knows how to attract investors to your startup.

Feb 20, 2016


Thanks to the initiative of  Enlaces,  and the support of  Barna Business School  and Xcala; arrive to the country  the first entrepreneurs course: Investment Readiness;  to attract foreign capital and know how to manage tools to meet the investors needs.
The main objective of this diploma is to empower Dominican entrepreneurs through training, so they can recognize when a venture has potential for investment, how to prepare to present their project to investors and what aspects should be considered when structuring and negotiating investment.

There is a need to supplement the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs with support programs and training on how to prepare and when a venture is ready for investment.
Investors demand to understand how the product or service is differential or above the competition and how the competitive advantage will be maintained.
They also make a considerable emphasis on the experience and background of the entrepreneur, their commitment, the growth potential of the company and what the use of the funds allocated.
A portion of the opportunities are rejected because they are not ready to be invested, has the potential  if they had received appropriate support.

The program will be developed in five (5 ) content modules , each module will have one (1 ) or two ( 2) sessions according to their content. Each 4-hour sessions on a weekly basis , totaling 32 teaching hours .
Starts on Monday April 4 and ends on Monday May 30 ; sessions are every Monday from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm . Part of this interesting diploma and apply the best tools to attract investors to your venture.

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