Social Media Restauranting: the dawn of a new era

Jun 10, 2014


ReviewPro for Restaurants, the leading provider of Online Reputation Management and Social Media Analytics solutions for the hotel industry has expanded its scope to include the gastronomic industry.
Online reputation has become one of the sector’s greatest concerns, especially when it comes to addressing and responding to negative comments shared by users on popular online opinion sites, such as TripAdvisor.
Since diners have being empowered with their own fifteen minutes of fame as food critics, online reputation has become a decisive factor, vital in determining the success of a restaurant.

Diego Coquillat, Social Media Restauranting specialist, claims “Negative feedback is necessary; they provide credence to the positive reviews.”
Studies carried out by the University of California – Berkeley and Harvard Business School have shown that an improvement in an extra half-star ranking on Yelp meant a 19% surge in sales, while a one star increase in ratings lead to a 5 to 9% increase in revenues.

Global Review Index (GRI)
Its online reputation index, better known as the Global Review Index (GRI) allows for the comparison of customer satisfaction levels expressed on reviews.
An overall online reputation score used to evaluate individual or a group of restaurants or a chain based on extrapolated data from the most relevant opinion websites, measurable for any period of time (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.)
The Global Review Index helps to establish qualitative objectives and optimize pricing strategies.

How is the GRI calculated?

  • All review sites require the consumer to give a general evaluation of their experience. This quantitative assessment is normally based on a rating between 0-5 or 0-10, but varies by review site.
  • The Global Review Index is calculated on a daily basis for each restaurant by analyzing the quantitative scores associated with reviews posted.
  • The Global Review Index for a specific date range is the average of the daily Global Review Index scores that have been calculated during that date range.
  • Calculated with a proprietary algorithm developed by ReviewPro in conjunction with input from industry experts and advisors from leading graduate programs in hospitality management.

Among the key competitive advantages of incorporating a tool of this nature for your business, it is worth mentioning:

Leverage the best data
ReviewPro is the recognized leader in data coverage and quality, aggregating hundreds of millions of reviews in 40+ languages from the most relevant review & social media sites around the world. Its Global Review Index is the industry standard for online reputation benchmarking.

Gain a complete overview
See everything your customers are saying about you – across Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, OpenTable, TripAdvisor, Google+, FourSquare, and more – in one dashboard. Use this intelligence to make strategic decisions about menus, staffing, and operations.

User-friendly interface
Visually intuitive charts and dashboards make it easy to track and manage your restaurant or bar’s online reputation and patron feedback. Receive automated alerts and reports to share the most relevant metrics with key stakeholders within your organization.

Obtain competitive insight
Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement with our award-winning Sentiment Analysis – and see how your restaurant or bar stacks up to the competition. We make it simple to manage operational and service improvements efficiently with an easy-to-use task management system.

“Our solution allows users to save time, while simplifying the process of listening to what’s been said about a business, from an upscale restaurant to cafés and local bars, so they may enhance the customer experience. With this tool any employee with minimal training in technology will be able to identify problems dealing with the level of service being provided through the Sentiment Analysis feature, thus allowing them to filter reviews according to such variables as atmosphere, menu and staff.”, said ReviewPro CEO RJ Friedlander.
Friedlander then added, “Competitive benchmarking is the heart of the restaurant industry, from the larger chains to individual establishments who have a vested interest in learning how well the restaurant across the street is doing. ReviewPro’s revolutionary technology now makes this analysis possible, and with great precision.”
This low cost solution has been implemented in world-class restaurants such as Lawry’s Prime Ribs in Singapore.

If you would like to evaluate whether ReviewPro for Restaurants is right for your restaurant, ask for a demo.

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