The inspiring story of Triptease

Dec 28, 2015


In the midst  of planning a family vacation, Charlie Osmond was really stressed, anxious and frustrated. The joy of the trip was marred by the hard work involved in preparing a family trip. But he was not alone. On average  people visit 38 websites and spend 45 days planning a holiday before making a travel booking.

Charlie Osmond thought there had to be a better way. With a group of comrades, they spent three months working from the hotel’s  lobbies  in London, interviewing guests and hotel staff. They came to know firsthand the anguish created by the multiple tabs open in search of information and how the result distorts the industry.

Thats how it was born the innovative start up Triptease, struggling to build a set of digital tools to improve transparency and help build valuable relationships between hotels and guests.

So what is Triptease?


Triptease do not develop web sites or offer booking engines. Triptease is an add-on for  hotels’s websites , instantaneously improve  the conversion rate in your  hotel website.
It provides a layer of tools to generate customer engagement, facilitating and improving the booking experience.

Among the portfolio of tools that offer, we can mention: price comparison between similar hotels, dynamic hotel segmentation  (by size, type, amenities) and “charming” online messages to attract those customers who remain in the half way in the booking process .
It has internal tools for hotel managers to analyze and extract valuable online customer information , in the booking process.

If you manage hotels, try Triptease experience here.

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