Top 10 Mexican Tourist Destinations in Social Media

Mar 17, 2014


Mexico receives an average of 23.4 million visitors annually, becoming one of the preferred tourist destinations for the United States and Canadian markets.Its tourist offer is all-inclusive, extensive and premium quality. There are around 85 diverse tourist destinations; these differ in activities, concept and the type of accommodation offered.
We have endeavored to observe, monitor and analyze these Mexican destinations’ presence in social media (some of these are world-class destinations for their cultural tourism, gastronomic, sun and beach, ecotourism and adventure tourism offering).

Below we present our Top 10 Mexican Destinations in social media:

10.- Puebla

Despite it being a beach destination, Puebla is a highly-sought after tourist destination for its cultural and archaeological heritage, parties, arts and cultural manifestations (quintessential Mexico).
Its presence in social networks is noteworthy, namely on Facebook and Twitter.
Its Facebook fan page has 89,378 Likes. The frequency of publication on this channel is, approximately, 3 posts per day. They share information about places to visit, activities and recommended attractions.

Its content is produced by the brand, using images and always accompanied by the #Puebla hashtag.

Puebla’s Twitter profile has 4,8777 tweets and 6,605 followers. It cross-publishes content from its Facebook account, with the exception of RT’s from followers giving mention to the destination’s @turismoenpuebla account, or using the #Puebla hashtag.

9.- Cancún

Cancún is one of Mexico’s most popular destination, recognized for its beaches on a global scale due to its geographic location and wide variety of all-inclusive resorts.

Despite this, Cancún only has 2,063 Likes in its Facebook fan page. Posts shared on its timeline are generally content from third-party sources relating to the city of Cancún and the travel industry. The publication frequency is two posts every three to six days. It has six photo albums and no applications tabs.

Its Twitter profile has 1,683 followers and 419 tweets. The shared content is the same as its fan page, the only difference being news capsules exclusive to this microblogging service.

The destination has a YouTube channel with 29 videos; this corresponds with a low to an intermediate level of interaction, as media is uploaded every five to six months.
The channel is not adequately optimized, lacking in branding and a description of the nature of the audiovisual content. Hashtags are used to identify the videos.

8.- Cozumel Island

Cozumel Island is Mexico’s largest island. Located on the Caribbean Sea, it is well known for its abundant vegetation, beaches and lagoons.

The destination has a social media presence on these six networks: TwitterFacebookYoutube, FlickrPinterest y Google +.

Its Facebook fans give Cozumel 4.5 stars. This fan page has 10,904 Likes, and lists 88, 485 users as having been here. The type of content being shared demonstrates strategic planning; its content derives from the tourism board’s official account, articles shared from its web site’s blog and other digital media content. The destination’s dynamic tourism offer is evident on this network.  Its publication frequency is between one and two status updates per day. Cozumel’s fan page has many application tabs with the following purposes: subscription to its newsletter, LiveCam and a contestab where complimentary stays are awarded.

Its Twitter profile has 2,642 followers, 1,621 tweets and it follows 958 users. Content published on its timeline is not the same as the one shared on its Facebook fan page; however, the quality of its content is somewhat low – most of it being RT’s.

The destination is on Pinterest, one of the social networks that has brought the greatest added value to the travel industry. It has 66 followers, 4 boards and 7 pins. These share images emblematic of Cozumel, activities and the destination’s entertainment offering.

7.- Riviera Nayarit

Riviera Nayarit is one of Mexico’s most luxurious travel destinations, boasting a variety of resort complexes, opulent golf courses and mountainous jungle for the practice of ecotourism, among other activities. The destination has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Riviera Nayarit’s Facebook fan page has 15,140 Likes, and it shares branded content in the form of images and video and using hashtags to indicate the theme of the publication and tagging all parties involved. The page does not have any application tabs at this time,

Its Twitter profile has 9,584 tweets and 5,553 followers, while following 6,911 users. It cross-publishes the content found on its Facebook fan page, employing shortened URL’s and images.

221 videos depicting attractions found in the destination have been uploaded to its YouTube channel, ComparteNayarit.

Its Google + page shares English content, while its Blogger account publishes information about the destination, which is also shared on the previously-discussed social media sites.

6.- Mexico City

Mexico City is probably the one destination that best embodies the culture, history, cuisine, architecture and the many vibrant colors that have become an epitome of this vibrant country.

Its 1,2500,000 fans have given this popular tourist destination a 4 star rating on their Facebook fan page give.  The brand usually publishes content several times a day, the majority being branded content depicting images of the destinations, its culture and cuisine.

It has nine application tabs: pictures, where images from the destination are uploaded; a tab called “Mexico en tu Mirada”, where users can opt-in to participate in a contest for an all-expense paid trip to Mexico; a booking engine has been integrated into one of the tabs, thus allowing its visitors to reserve the myriad vacation offers displayed; another tab encourages users to download the destination’s iOS and Android apps, which have very useful information outlining various routes, gastronomic ideas, etc.
A YouTube tab has been added, yet it has not been properly configured, as the channel’s feed is not displayed within the tab; there’s a tab named “Conciertos Mexico”, for the sharing of upcoming concerts; the Pinterest tab has around 32 pin boards about the destination and its many offerings; the functionality of the rest of the tabs is not too clear, as they have not been adequately optimized.

Its Twitter user, @WeVisitMexico, has 38,900 followers and has written 4,048 tweets. On average, the brand tweets once a day, sharing sight-seeing tips and ideas. Pictures are always included.

Visit Mexico uses its Instagram account to share awe-inspiring images of the country and its culture. It currently has 94 posts and it is followed by 2,610 users.

5.- Manzanillo

Manzanillo is a modern Mexican port located across the navigational lines of North, Central and South America. A destination renowned for its exotic sunsets and unparalleled sun-kissed beaches and marine landscapes.
It offers a comprehensive range of hotels and quality tourist attractions for different type of consumers, couple and family vacations being its largest markets.

Manzanillo can be found on Facebook as OCVManzanillo, and on Twitter as OCV_Manzanillo.
Its fan page has 35,844 Likes, and the destination has ranked 4 1/2 stars by 395 that have rated it.

The nuances of its visual content are meticulously preserved throughout the destination’s branding. Activities held in Manzanillo are readily shared on social media.

Due to the nature of its lively and dynamic shapes, attention is drawn to its identity. The overall content being shared is very user-friendly.

Every status update/entry is associated with the #MejorManzanillo hashtag. The majority of shared images are branded with the Manzanillo brand, include the URL of its website and, in certain cases, have a QR code that re-directs users to the official website.

The destination shares the same content on its Twitter account as it does on its Facebook fan page, employing the use of the #MejorManzanillo hashtag.

4.-  Los Cabos

Los Cabos is the latest trend in luxury vacation destination par excellence. It takes fourth place on our Top 10 Mexican Tourist Destinations due to its superior level of engagement.

This destination has two fan pages on Facebook; VisitaLosCabos for the national market, and LosCabosTourism for an international audience.

Visita Los Cabos has 43,505 Likes and it has received a 4 1/2 star rating from  347  users.

On the other hand, Los Cabos Tourism has 65,304 Likes and shares English language content. 

@LosCabosTourism has posted 3,830 tweets and has 7,050 followers. Its Twitter account for the local tourism market, @VisitaLosCabos, has 3,361 tweets and 13,300 followers.

The Los Cabos Tourism YouTube channel is optimally branded with the destination’s identity and has 128 videos. The destination also has a social presence on Foursquare, Pinterest and Instagram.

3.- Veracruz

This Mexican destination is recognized for its vast eco-tourism offering and the most important cultural manifestations depicting the best of the country’s folklore.

Its Facebook fan page, Veracruz Turismo is dedicated to tourism and cultural topics, as well as the possibilities of doing cinematography in Veracruz. Content shared on this social network profile is done in-house, always with visual support. As a general rule, four status updates are shared per day. This profile has 76,526 Likes.

@VeracruzTurismo has well over 17,600 tweets and 30,700 followers. Although it shares the same content as it does on its Facebook fan page, its Twitter account has a broader scope and better engagement among their Twitter followers.

Its YouTube channel, VeracruzTurismo, only has two videos on its playlist.

2.- Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya has 117,362 Likes on its Facebook fan page. It shares original content in both Spanish and English language. The page has five application tabs: maps and brochures, small hotels, Pinterest, YouTube and event calendar.

 @RivieraMaya has posted 8,839 tweets and has 21,600 followers. Content shared on this account is written in Spanish and English language with good use of images and they use shortened URL’s.

1- Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta takes first place on our Top 10 Mexican Tourist Destinations in Social Media.

A marvelous destination known for its natural beauty, the warmth of its people and its mountainous, sea and city horizons.

Puerto Vallarta does an effective job of handling its communication throughout all of its social media sites, thus becoming the best positioned destination in all of Mexico.

Its fan page, PuertoVallarta, has 259,719 fans, which places the destination in the Top 10 Travel and Leisure category on Facebook. The majority of its users derive from Mexico.

The destination’s identity is clearly identifiable throughout all social channels. Content is published in an exemplary manner and done in a consistent manner.

Clarity and simplicity are the epitome of its communication style and the manner content is distributed, preserving the brand’s identity. All published material is inviting, enticing users to get to know, taste and immerse themselves in the Puerto Vallarta experience.

Its two participation dynamics are very effective: #PhotoOfTheDay which consists of choosing one of the images shared by its Instagram followers to participate in a drawing for the photo of the day. The winning picture is branded with a seal indicating it was selected as the winner. Users are invited to participate and invite their friends to activities held throughout the destination on weekends.

@PVvisit earned first place as the Mexican tourist destination account with the most followers on Twitter, reaching 27,800 followers and 17,800 tweets.

The destination maintains a direct line of communication and exchange of ideas with its followers. The amount of daily mentions using the official hashtag #PuertoVallarta exceeds the amount of the rest of the destinations mentioned on this Top 10 listing.

Another strength is the consistency of the brand image throughout all of its social channels: PinterestYouTubeGoogle + e Instagram.

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