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Feb 21, 2014


Businesses belonging to the tourism, restaurant and hotel industries wanting greater visibility and desiring to create top of mind awareness among thousands of travelers searching for opinions when it comes time to choose their next destination and plan their vacation experience now have various advertising options on TripAdvisor, all of which can be done easily and quickly.
The world’s largest travel community, receiving over 83 million unique visits per month,  allows advertisers to reach consumers while they are most receptive: during the journey travel planning phase.

Advertising options range from local awareness campaigns to tactical campaigns focusing on specific destinations or user profiles.

It is thus possible to execute a campaign targeted to consumers in the United States that search for content from specific destinations or countries (Mexico, for example) or carry out campaigns geared towards consumers in specific regions of the United States who have previously searched for specific destinations.
According to its executives,  since TripAdvisor is not a booking engine, advertisement will not only be viewed by consumers planning their next trip, but it will also be seen by a specific audience that is researching safe travel destinations for their next trip, allowing advertisers to influence the travel journey process prior to the consumer making a decision.
Publicity is visible to the consumer wherever they happen to be browsing on a destination’s page, with wide-ranging formats available.
Campaigns may be focused according to the destination (city or country) or targeted audience or according to a consumer’s IP. Costs are highly-competitive; a CPM pricing structure (1,000 impressions) fluctuates between US$ 10.00 and US$ 12.00.
“We have a network of more than 14 travel sites, all of which have verified and trusted reviewers (users). Sites belonging to the TripAdvisor brand belong to the largest online travel community in the world, with over 83 million unique visits per month, 45 million members and more than 100 million reviews. We operate in 34 countries across the world (in 21 languages) and are able to target advertisement to any consumer group from any country we operate from.”, says Lizet Rodriguez-Hampton, TripAdvisor’s Sales Manager for South America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

2014 Media Kit

TripAdvisor has launched its 2014 Media Kit, outlining a range of advertising options in accordance to standards set by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
Among the varied advertising opportunities, one may procure daily sponsorship for the entire website, or go into rotation with other advertisers. Advertisers  may choose to use destination content marketing ads on the platform’s index page or focus on users who were looking for information on specific cities or countries.

Conversely, one has the option to place ads across all TripAdvisor pages (Run of Site Targeting)  to to reach a broader travel audience.

Advertisers may reach travelers at one or more of TripAdvisor’s site around the world in the user’s native language in order to provide a highly personalized experience.
One may also advertise in its weekly newsletter, which sends out promotional offers and other useful travel information. This medium accepts 300×250 and 140×40 banners.

It is worth noting that this media kit extends to other sites associated with the media network, such as Seat Guru (a site dedicated to fulfilling the needs of commercial airline passengers) or Virtual Tourist (a very active and popular online travel community).

Seat Guru gives users access to over 700 route maps of more than 100 airlines and the specification of each plane in order to make the travel experience more pleasant. Advertisers have the option of promoting themselves on the site’s homepage in all available languages, target specific areas of the site or choose specific airlines.

Meanwhile, Virtual Tourist allows advertisers to place their ads on the site’s homepage, select a specific destination or market segment (we believe these last two characteristics to be the most interesting options).

To access TripAdvisor’s Media Kit, visit:


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