Vacation Ownership as an alternative to traditional tourism

Nov 19, 2012


Fractional ownership has experienced a sudden boom worldwide since the concept was first introduced some 20 years ago in the United States.
They represent an excellent alternative to conventional DYI model of vacation planning.  By investing in a timeshare, you may experience the vacation of your dreams in a different paradisiacal destination year after year; and, best of all, at a very competitive cost.  Most vacation clubs allow you the flexibility of visiting a different destination each year, so you can dispel all fears of being tied down to the same resort every holiday.
Membership in a vacation club also represent a financial investment.  While some upfront costs may seem overwhelming, and the maintenance fees can be high, the appreciation in value down the line will end up saving you thousand of dollars vis-á-vis paying out of pocket.

Investing in a vacation club membership is a decision not to be taken lightly, not only because of its monetary value, but also in terms of the quality of the vacation you will be taking, and your traveling habits for the coming decades.  Vacation clubs vary substantially when it comes down to costs, member benefits, destinations and ease of access.  When choosing which timeshare to tie yourself with, we suggest you keep the following elements in mind:

Club Features
Being a member of a vacation club is not quite the same as being a guest at a hotel.  More often than not, you’re part owner of a property or a network of resorts.  The best vacation clubs have a good selection of resorts available for its members.

Accommodation is important, but location is paramount.  Whether you prefer the excitement of the big city, or the solitude and quiet of the countryside, good vacation clubs have resorts and properties available for all preferences.

Membership Benefits
Timeshares provide member discounts on airfare, cruises, car rentals, meals and other travel services.  Good vacation clubs will organize activities, provide childcare options and useful travel resources.

Member Support
Belonging to a travel club requires planning and organization. Whether you wish to switch destinations, cancel a vacation, or save your week for the following year, by dealing with high level companies, eliminating the headache associated with dealing with bureaucracies.   Furthermore, the most reputable vacation clubs address member complaints promptly and professionally.

Investment Value
Owning a share in a vacation club ought to be economically viable.  The best vacation clubs will allow you to bank weeks, and exchange or trade your vacation time, and these should also charge fair maintenance fees.

We have decided to tackle Occidental Vacation Club, a sister company of Occidental Hotels and Resorts,  as an example of this type of product.  Their Vacation Club strives to offer its members a quality value proposition for the enjoyment of a memorable vacation.

What sets a traditional vacation apart from a spectacular retreat? Perhaps its being able to rely upon your own personal butler, or maybe its the privilege of resting on a beautiful private beach.  How about sublime accommodations always being a shoo-in, with gourmet meal service any time you wish, and a dedicate concierge arranging activities for you.  
Occidental Hotels’
 properties acquiesces its members a host of culinary and cultural experiences.  A specialized concierge staff assures guests a memorable vacation experience.  Its unparalleled flexibility assures its members will have additional space as necessary.  Members can hand pick from a vast catalog of properties, without limiting themselves to a single resort.

What are the benefits of a Occidental Vacation Club membership?

  • Preferential accommodations
  • Reduced “all-inclusive” rates
  • Use of all the resorts’ “all-inclusive” services
  • Private check-in/check-out areas
  • Early check-in/late check-out (depends on availability)
  • Mini-bar stocked regularly with liquor and soft drinks
  • Stays at other participating Occidental Hotel properties
  • Exchange privileges with over 4,500 affiliated resorts
  • Share your vacation time with family and friends
  • Extend your vacation use and time with the Lock Off system
  • Enjoy extra vacation time with Bonus time
  • Personalized vacation planning from a dedicated of Occidental Vacation Club Concierge

While going on vacation to an exotic location may be thrilling, it can also be frustrating.  One may not speak the same language.  You may not know what to expect once you arrive at your destination.  Occidental Vacation Club strives to assuage your vacation anxiety.
Purchasing an Occidental Vacation Club membership translates into both economic value and value measured in quality of life.
When purchasing the All-Inclusive in select properties, members may appreciate a 35-50% discount in comparison to a hotel’s regular rate, and are always guaranteed 15% off any discounted or specially advertised hotel rate at any time.  This assures our members that they will always pay less.
Members buy into larger avant-garde accommodations, surpassing the comforts of a regular hotel room.  Additionally, the levels of service and specially-designed exclusive members’-only areas, such as the First Club lounge and Grand Level sections, small details that transform a routine, typical holiday into a first class experience.

First Club members  are promptly whisked away in a golf cart and driven to the private First Club lounge.  Your own personal concierge will greet you by name and promptly begin the check-in process.  As you wait you will be offered a sparkling glass of champagne or refreshing fruit juice.  Why not take the opportunity to freshen up with the provided moist towelette.
You will receive a personalized arrival packet, which holds crucial information pertaining to your stay.  Inside it you will find your meal options, and where you may enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Learn the procedure for placing a reservation at one of the many a-la-carte restaurants throughout the property.   You will also find the activities’ program and nightly shows imprinted along with exclusive members-only access parties.
As you’re driven back you will be given the lay of the land, shown around the resort’s gorgeous surroundings.  Having had arrived at your final destination, you will come across a luxurious villa equipped with a well-stocked bar which boasts a generous liquor selection, ice cold beer, fresh fruit juices, water and sodas.

A Grand Level membership upgrade supposes the following amenities:

  • Preferred accommodations, the majority of them with beachfront views
  • Private members-only lounge
  • Private pool and beach
  • Room amenities (including premium liquors)
  • Private dining area
  • Concierge services
Dining options are plentiful at any all-inclusive Occidental resorts.  Whether a poolside family lunch or an international buffet in a casual setting, its members will never eat the same foods, or tire of the ambience.  For those special occasions Occidental Vacation Club has thought of Occidental Specialty Restaurants.
Crave Italian? The Italian at the Grand Papagayo in Costa Rica is the perfect setting for its cherished sunset views and fine dining.   L’Olio at the Grand Aruba offers a variety of popular Italian dishes, and prides itself on its vast selection of wines from different regions in the world. The tantalizing smell of beef carpaccio and Lasagna Florentine lure diners in at Via Veneto, located at Grand Punta Cana.
If Asian is what you crave, D’Oriental is a serene, Japanese/Asian fusion restaurant located at several of the resorts.  Here you will be able to find an exquisite selection of seafood, pork, duck, and vegetarian specialties.  Zen at the Grand Aruba features a sushi bar and “Tatami-style” private dining.

As part of the Occidental Hotels & Resorts Group, the Occidental Vacation Club has been awarded distinguished accolades, such as the 2012 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence and the 2012 RCI President’s Club Award for our outstanding achievement.

At the end of 2011 members had purchased approximately 500 hotel units, meanwhile the 23 participating hotels and resorts have over 7,000 available rooms for rent.  This translates into the possibility of asking for supplementary accommodation space when the Club runs out of units.
In addition, as an added bonus towards membership privileges, members are granted RCI affiliation benefits, allowing them the flexibility of exchanging their week with more than 4,500 RCI-affiliated properties worldwide.

Undoubtedly, the design of this kind of product constitutes an advantageous offer, and we welcome you to consider and analyze such a proposal when planning for your next holiday.

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