Digital positioning advantages for tourism brands

Mar 18, 2016


With  potential tourists super communicated and connected it becomes vital for a brand to implement an appropriate communication strategy on digital channels.
A lot of messages are bombarded to a market that has less time each day. Given this fact it is advisable to establish a tourism brand positioning strategy to achieve successfully the  brand incorporation in their minds through the internet from the beginning to the end of their travel experience.

The strategy digital positioning  for turism brands, it refers to set tactics with which companies support the tourism industry to reach a defined market segment using the internet as a platform.
With the Internet as a channel of communication and positioning,  you can achieve:

  1. Greater efficiency in the offered services
    The simplicity of the process and the business connectivity , make a difference in the efficiency of delivery of the key activities that impact on brand positioning.
  2. Low operating costs
    Provide prior information, make reservations, process payments, generate tickets, answer questions and countless more tasks can be performed via the internet; definitely allow considerably reduce operating costs; no matter the size of the company.
  3. Measurement
    Every  online action has the quality of being measurable, according to the variables and the time required. This allows companies to know, for example, the cost of each action or a new customer acquisition.
  4. Improved response times
    A powerful advantage over other channels, is that we users connected hungry doubts, questions and suggestions; that allow companies to respond in record time, analyzing the submitted data and take action against this.
  5. Capture targeted traffic
    The actions we take must be as accurate as possible; therefore successful and conscious segment of the target objective way, allows us to make efforts with effective results.
  6. Dynamic process 
    We can rethink every action, if we understand it is not feasible or not yield the results we want; so each process is dynamic and keeps us always attentive to new channels and tools that emerge and reinvent known.

The strongly positioned brands help simplify the decision process of buying tourists. What do you expect to start an online positioning strategy?

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