What are the advantages of programmatic media buying?

Nov 8, 2017


Making a balance regarding  of what happened in 2016 in our agency, it comes a very interesting detail that we like to share. The “programmatic” or the purchase of programmatic media add  14% of the advertising investment of our media purchases portfolio (with a growth of more than 220% in relation to what was invested in 2015) and agglomerated more than 40% of Investment in  display advertising.

The programmatic purchase is a  real-time advertising contracting mode that is possible to the brands impact on the correct user through multiple formats, media and devices.
It makes it possible to access  in real time, to an online add impression that is about to be shown, integrate the available information on the user who will see it and the website on which it appears, and in that exact moment to made the decision to buy or not that advertising impression.

The scene from the movie “Minority Report” shows one of the protagonists entering a shopping mall in 2054 in Washington DC, almost instantly and automatically, advertising spaces scan their retina and display information of its interest. We have wondered for a long time if that will ever be possible, today we can affirm that yes and we are already taking the first steps through the programmatic purchase of advertising impressions.

Brands (especially hotels, airlines, tourist destinations, tour operators and real estate development brands) enable them to achieve large volumes of advertising inventory at a reduced prices and with a defined performance or conversion.

There are several transactions types depending on whether the inventory is guaranteed or not guaranteed and according to the price, fixed or in an auction, although we have opted for the guaranteed programmatic for perfomance campaigns (guaranteed inventory and fixed price) and for non-guaranteed programmatic , Auctions in Ad Exchanges – Doubleclick, Rightmedia, Open X, Orange Ad Market, AdExchange.com or SpotChange – (unreserved inventory and price per auction) or the preferred deals (unreserved / guaranteed inventory and fixed price) for brand positioning campaigns.

Beyond the contracting model for the programmatic purchase of media, is key to be able to integrate audiences data or objective targets to the campaigns to obtain to hit with the right public and to achieve maximum levels of ROI.
This is possible by generating first-party data or by including second or third-party audience data.
We believe that the programmatic purchase for its great capacity in segmentation and high ROI will be fundamental part of the marketing strategy of any tourism brand in the next years.

Among the strategic advantages of programmatic media buying, we can mention the following:
– Allows direct connection to your audience on a large scale.
– Attract the audience from multiple devices with rich formats (it is therefore key to create attractive messages, omnicanal and for all devices).
– Contributes to your targeting strategy, helping you get more benefits from your first-party data and strengthening them with second- and third-party data.
– Access to quality inventory at a very economic prices.
– You can constantly analyze the results in advertising impact measurement (scope and frequency) and validate the results of the creative pieces with the greatest impact.
– It offers the possibility of generating  audiences clusters corresponding to different segments of tourists or trips, that allow you to communicate with relevant messages to each target.
– You can know the specific costs of each line of a campaign, including costs of prospecting, retargeting, by days, by schedules, by media, etc. Meaning to know what is bought, where to
purchase, and how much is invested in the purchase.

With the programmatic purchase, the generation of better campaigns that reflect a greater efficiency, reflected in better  implementation timer, optimization of quality and quantity of the advertising investment in digital media, is favored.

Programmatic buying should be considered in the development of your digital marketing strategy.
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