X Foro Turístico Hosteltur 2014

Apr 16, 2014


The X Foro Turístico Hosteltur 2014 will be held on May 20, 2013 at the MAPFRE Convention Center in Madrid, Spain.
This event will analyze the major challenges affecting tourism enterprises in an environment affected by a weakened economy, and the manner the digital environment influences consumer behavior during the crucial period before booking a vacation.

The financial crisis resulting from the recent global economic disaster in the past decade has given birth to a new kind of tourism consumer, which we have come to know as the low cost consumer.
This shopper is tech-savvy and well-informed, looks for quality, experiences and services, while determined to pay as little as possible.
This client has a very specific profile: low cost. The generalization of this model goes beyond air travel and the explosion of the “peer-to-peer” phenomenon, which is the rental of vacation properties between individuals across a web platform, represents a challenge for the tourism industry.

The emergence of the Internet in hotel management and distribution activities have completely transformed the purchasing behavior of the travel consumer. He now has the possibility of purchasing, researching, reading reviews and user opinions about available tourist services.
Undoubtedly, the price factor has become the lynchpin of the tourism business.

The X Foro Turístico Hosteltur 2014 will also analyze the role of customer loyalty, brand image, price parity, the control of the supplier over the price of a product, online marketing, and how this new paradigm affects intermediators and direct sales.

If you are unable to attend this interesting debate in person, you may watch a live stream of the forum by clicking on the above link.

The event’s agenda is as follows:

15:30 Arrival of guests and accreditation
16:00 Opening
16:15 Round table – The new era of tourism marketing
17:45 Coffee break
18:00 Round table – Hotels vs. Property rentals: between the demand and its legality
19:30 Closing
19:45 Cocktail

If you are in Madrid, you cannot afford to miss it.
We wish our colleagues at Hosteltur much success with this event!


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