Yataxi: a tailor-made taxi service

Apr 2, 2013


The increase in use of smartphones has driven companies to innovate and create cutting-edge services that ought to surpass customers’ needs and expectations.  Case in point, YaTaxi is an app focused in maintaining the quality of service, safety and ingenuity demanded from this market.

Yataxi is a new and revolutionary mobile app that allows clients to locate a driver by using their smartphones, without the need of placing a call.  By utilizing your mobile phone’s GPS, you will be able to access a user-friendly and easy to use application without wasting your minutes on a call or asking a third party to find you a cab.

You will be able to choose a taxi driver based on your specific needs right from the app.    Services provided by YaTaxi vary from type of vehicle and drivers.  You will be able to pick if you wish an air-conditioned unit, leather seats, are pet-friendly, have mobile phone chargers, offer a wifi connection, accept t-pago or credit card payments and if they provide airport service.

Instead of climbing in the back seat with a stranger, you can opt for a previously-screened driver, rated by other YaTaxi users; see comments left by other riders, and pick the driver closest to you with the rate which best accommodates to your budget. An experience you are likely to repeat, excellent service tendered in a reasonable amount of time at a competitive fee.

Learn YaTaxi’s main benefits by viewing the following video:

What are you waiting for? Download YaTaxi’s app for free.  Available from the GooglePlay store, and coming to the App Store soon.

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